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What we do

Every day companies are discovering that they can claim CASH BACK on their Research and Development expenditure. Can you?

Where a project is eligible we prepare the application. ATCS will assist you to:

  1. Rapidly identify eligibility of your R&D projects;
  2. Prepare a project activity description for each project;
  3. Compile the necessary technical information;
  4. Help you compile the relevant R&D expenditure information;
  5. Calculate your claim amount;
  6. Complete and lodge an application for registration of your R&D activities with AusIndustry;
  7. Complete R&D Schedule for inclusion in your company tax return; and
  8. Assist client with preparation and documentation required for any AusIndustry assessment.
Get Up to 43.5c on every dollar spent on R&D

“Mara Seeds Pty Ltd is now in association with Australian Tax Concession Services for the fourth year. The assistance provided by our consultant is extremely thorough allowing our applications to be completed with confidence of accuracy and diligence. The Research &Development Grants have played a big part in our business enabling us to structure the business and develop to cater for growth in our industry. We appreciate the efforts of Australian Tax Concessions as we feel this year we will achieve our goals after a period of growth.”

Katina Larsson, Director,
Mara Seeds Pty Ltd

Allow us to introduce to you the Research and Development Tax Incentive Program.

The Federal Government R&D Tax Incentive is an incentive program facilitated by AusIndustry to encourage private-sector investment in research and development activities.

The two components of the program are:

  1. a refundable 43.5 per cent tax offset for eligible companies with an aggregated turnover of less than $20 million per annum; or
  2. a non-refundable 40 per cent tax offset for all other eligible companies.

BUT: (yes there is always a but) as generous as this is, there are always limits as to what can be claimed and what applications you can make. Sometimes these limits are clear, other times they are as clear as mud. Knowing the difference between the two can mean the difference between money in the bank or a government auditor on your doorstep.



Case Studies

R&D Tax Incentive - Case Studies


Or your money back!

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