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If you are aiming to claim your overseas activity expenses and lodge an Advanced Overseas Finding application, or want to claim your Associate expenditure in your 2016\/17 R&D Tax Incentive claim, time is running out.
If you miss the 30 June 2017 deadline you will not be able to claim those related expenses.<\/strong>

Advanced Overseas Findings<\/strong>
Lodgement of applications for an Advanced Overseas Finding for activities undertaken in 2016-17 close on June 30. Applications must be lodged before the end of the income year in which the activities were conducted or commenced, and expenditure on overseas activities cannot be claimed without a positive finding.

Expenditure Incurred to Associates <\/strong><\/a>
Where costs are incurred to a related entity or person of the company (known as an Associate) they must be physically paid prior to the end of the financial year in order to receive the R&D tax benefit. If associate payments are not physically paid before 30 June, then they can be carried forward to future incomes years and when physically paid you can claim the costs and receive the R&D tax benefit on that amount, at that time.
However,<\/strong> the activities must still be registered in the year they are undertaken.
An associate could be a family member, a business connection or directors that can influence the company, where they may have 50% or more control of the company.

For assistance in applying for an Advance Overseas Finding, please contact us immediately.<\/strong><\/p>","author":"ATCS","image":"Important Information.jpg","submitted":"June 6, 2017"},"BlogTag":[]}]