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About Us

Meet The R&D Management Team

At ATCS, you can be assured to receive personalised support by means of a dedicated account manager and 24 hour assistance to work closely with you to determine all relevant expenditure and technical requirements under the R&D Tax Incentive Programme. We are your direct point of contact if you have any questions or require assistance.

Terrie Griffiths

Director & Principal Consultant

Paula Keena

Manager - R&D Services Department

Nenita Castro

Accounts Manager & R&D Client Services Officer

Kellee Morgan

Marketing Manager & Client Services Officer

Who is ATCS

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hasn’t my accountant told me about the R&D Tax Incentive?
Why should I use ATCS, and not my accountant?
I’m already too busy, this sounds too time consuming?
Is there a deadline for claiming?
We don’t think we’ve reached the $20k minimum expenditure?
What is the catch? Surely the Government won’t just give me money?
Can we just do it ourselves?
Do you offer a referral program?

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